Since December of 2012, I have been involved in the Wayland project. Wayland aims to be the new display/composition framework for the Linux desktop. My involvement has primarily been with the core library, libwayland, and with protocol development/review.

Language Bindings

Another area of interest to me has been that of writing language bindings for libwayland. Towards this end I developed an API for language bindings to get more direct access to the message dispatch process (this has not yet make it into libwayland master). I have also written a set of language bindings for Java which can be found on my github page.

In order to help other people who want to write language bindings, I have written a language bindings guide for libwayland. This guide also serves as a pretty good tutorial to the internals of libwayland. In particular it explains all of the details of the message dispatch process and the various structures used to describe messages.

I am also working on a java-based compositor called WileE that is based on my Java bindings to libwayland.